This morning I decided to browse Pinterest for some inspiration on what to write about today.  My good friend & coworker Sandra suggested I write a post on curly hair care.

So as I’m browsing Pinterest, I see a couple memes that stood out to me the most.  The memes had me cracking up but some were more funny than others.  After I was done browsing and chuckling here and there I scrolled back to the ones that I liked the most.

I stopped for a minute.   Then I realized that the funniest memes were the ones that hit closest to home.  By that I mean, they relayed a message that I can relate to 100%.  These memes are not only funny, but give some solid advice on how to care for curly hair.

TBH, These memes have a major message  for people with curly…and here they are:


#1  Do NOT brush curly hair. Plain & Simple. 


Games of Thrones Memes, curly hair memes


BTW- Love this meme & Games of Thrones & Ned Stark!!!  (Sorry, I had to show some love to my fellow G.O.T fans)

I have a friend that has asked me several times if I brush my hair and my answer is always the same.  “No”  I don’t own a hair brush.  I don’t brush my hair.  Ever.  Some people think that’s strange but anyone with curly hair will understand this concept.

People with curly hair should not brush their hair for multiple reasons.  It breaks the hair follicle, it creates frizz, it can create tangles.  I mean, the hair brush can even break while you’re trying to brush your hair #nobueno.

What you want to do instead of brushing curly hair is either finger detangling or using a wide tooth comb to detangle it.  If you do it while the hair is still wet and has conditioner it will be much easier to detangle.     You can also buy a detangling spray and use a wide tooth comb to detangle it.  Style your hair as usual using whatever products you prefer.


#2  Do NOT touch Curly hair.  Just like a museum a Do Not Touch sign should be hanging 


don't touch, curly hair, memes


I hate when people touch my hair.  It’s a personal pet peeve of mine.  I don’t like other people touching my hair because don’t even touch my hair.  Beside styling it whichever hairstyle I choose for the day, I very rarely touch my hair.

Touching your hair and running your fingers through curly hair will (again) create more frizz, separates the curls and creates tangles.  Of course you can’t avoid ever touching your hair.. try to not touch it once it’s made.

Another reason I don’t like touching my hair too often or having other people touch it is because it makes your hair oily faster.  People naturally have oils on their fingertips & on their hands.  Touching the hair too often will introduce those oils to your scalp.  Next thing you know, you have to wash your hair again..


#3  The word Pineapple will have a whole new meaning after this.

pineappling, refinery29, pineapple hair


The reason the word pineapple will take on a new meaning is because you won’t be thinking the fruit, but a hairstyle.  Refinery 29 gives a quick guide on the different words and phrases used especially for women with curly hair.

I use the pineapple method every night to bed.  Basically it’s a hairstyle that protects  your curls while you sleep so you don’t wake up with a mop on your head the next day.  It keeps the shape of your curls and it keeps the shine without the frizz.

What you do is flip your head upside down and gently take all the hair to the top of your head and wrap it once with a 90’s style scrunchie.  Styles by Fash gives a quick tutorial on how to do the pineapple method.


I hope this post was helpful for anyone for has curly hair and didn’t know these tricks.  I also hope this gives a message to those without curly hair…Remember, No Touching!

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